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stuck brake on an 87' 250x

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my front left brake is hanging up... i removed it and can push the piston back and seperate the brake pads but when i remount it and hit the front brake it doesn't release on the left side and i cant spin the front all completely frozen. any help would be great..

thanks jason
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well i pulled the caliper apart last night and replaced the seals and cleaned everything... no dice. So i just got a new caliper and brake line via ebay's GDH racing supply! I got everything for a fraction of what the dealer wanted for just the brake line.. hope it shows up soon!
yeah i cleaned everything before i reinstalled it. I think its the brake line it feels a little funky about 2 inches from where it bolts to the caliper.. like its broken inside the casing. but i figured i'd grab the caliper too.. it was cheap enough. should be set next week.
well everything is enroute.. should be here by thursday! I'm gonna do the brakeline first with my caliper and see if that solves it.. then if not i'll install the new caliper as well. i hope its just the brake line.. then i can sell the extra parts i have recently accumulated. anyone in the market for so 250x parts? lmk.. thanks
well, i got all the parts friday and got it done today! It turned out to be just a brake line.. however i'm glad i got the complete set($30) because what was on mine was a complete home brew... i had to replace both sides in order to use the factory ones. Anyway its done and I'm riding again!
don't worry, I'm sure I'll break something again sooner than later....
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