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Stopper, l. Bearing

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I have a 2000 Foreman 450ES that I recently had to replace the left rear hub assembly, the PIPE ASSY., L. HOUSING (came with new bearing and seal). When I reassembled everything and tightened it up, the axle nut on the axle seemed to go in too far - the holes for the cotter pin was outside of the axle nut. Then, I saw in the Final Driven Gear schematic that there is a STOPPER, L. BEARING shown on the axle. When I tried putting this on, I couldn't get the axle nut to even reach the threads at all. Not sure if this is needed or installed correctly (I put it on the axle, up against the bearing/seal). I ended up removing this stopper and having to put a washer on the axle to enable the cotter pin holes to line up within the axle nut.
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Flat end of the stopper goes towards the wheel.

Pull the hub off, then pipe assembly off, then slide the stopper onto the bare axles shaft, again, flat side away from the diff/ towards the wheel.

Then install the pipe housing on OVER the stopper and axle.
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