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STOLEN 400EX 2003 Essex, MD

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Hello, I am looking for some help in finding my honey's stolen 2003 400EX. It was stolen from Holly Neck in Essex, MD at 4am on Monday 6/28/10.

It has a blue frame and yellow plastics with decals. No headlight, tail lights or skid plate. It has an oversize gas stank, stock Honda tires and a FatBoy4 exhaust.

He had just gotten it running after working on it for months, the motor wasn't even broken in. Someone broke into the garage, cut the chain that was linking all 3 bikes together, pushed out of the yard, started and rode down Holly Neck followed by a vehicle with 2 sets of smaller round tail lights.

Its not so much the value of the bike, but the time and work that he put into it that we will never be able to get back. He is heartbroken and we just want the bike back, we are offering a reward.

If anyone knows who may have it in Hyde Park or see's the bike on the trails please email me and let us know at [email protected].


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sorry to here about your lose. hope you find it
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