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Stock 86 350 wheels and tires to 93 300

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You guys have any low priced solutions? My current hang up is that the front 350's hit the shock on the 300fw due to the wider rims. The 350 is a 9" wide wheel and the 300fw wheel is an 8". wheel.

Honestly havn't even tried the rears yet.
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Rears will work fine, fronts however like you said will not work unless you use a wheel spacer.
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the outter offset is nearly identical however, since you have the wider wheel from the 350 you will need to add a 1 or 2 inch spacer. making the front 2 inches wider track width then the rear. to accommodate that you would need to also add spacers to the rear as well.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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