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Stock 86 350 wheels and tires to 93 300

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You guys have any low priced solutions? My current hang up is that the front 350's hit the shock on the 300fw due to the wider rims. The 350 is a 9" wide wheel and the 300fw wheel is an 8". wheel.

Honestly havn't even tried the rears yet.
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Thanks Manny! I'm guessing that means spacers all around? Or just the fronts?
farmer , he said the rear will work fine -------just the front would need spacers or a different rim --------- I don't know 350's , is the front rim sizes of your 350 and 300 the same , where you could swop the tires from one rim to the other ? ------- wheel spacers sound easier

those are from Canada , just a reference
No the front tire sizes are different but, Here's what they are...
350 fronts 24x9-11
300 fronts 23x8-11

So Maybe I can get the 350's on those narrow 300 wheels and make it work???

I wasn't very clear with the spacer question... I meant to say would I need spacers front and rear or would the fronts stick out with no rear spacers?
Thanks Fish. Looks like I'll be wrestling tires tomorrow. I really need to stop working on wheelers for a couple of weeks and go build my shop. I've been without one for almost a year.

That 300 also came with some used up ITP blackwaters and 12x7 steel wheels. They were new in the 90's. One of the front wheels has the center tore out by the boys riding with loose nuts. I'll be looking for a replacement there sometime down the road. It's the ones with the round holes not the D holes.
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