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and should add "impress". Had some yard work this past weekend...demolishing a back deck. Hooked a 5x10 utility trailer to the back of the old blue 300 2x4 and after piling the trailer full of everthing from wood to steel shelving...the 300 pulled it just fine up the yard hill, to the drive where the trailer was passed to my pickup truck for a dump run.
After disconnecting the trailer and realizing that as the sun was setting it was still a lovely 70ish degrees.. i just had to go take a spin on the back property trails in my woods...even just a push that throttle and that lil bike spanks it...even on an open field area out back (old utility easement)...I backed off partway into a 3rd gear push (not low, but 2,3,4 of the 5) cause honestly, while the bike was completely able to scamper across the rough cut, this ol boy felt like I would be asking for trouble if I kept my thumb on it much longer....26 years on an old school design, small machine and it still impresses me with it's work horse power, still provides that thrill of acceleration, and is able to convince you to take a safety pause. (grin)
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