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Steering Stem bearing clip

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What's like a previous owner replaced the steering stem bearing and used a circlip with no ears for circlip pliers.

Pretty sure it's frozen up in there with rust too.

Half submerged as much of it in PB blaster as I can to let it sit while I'm at work. Anyone have any tricks on getting this style of circlip out?

I've tried getting a flat head screw driver under the angled end and I have made no progress


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I would try the flat head screw driver again, but if you can, grind down the tip to make it sharper and thinner.

Or you could try the same thing but with a chisel.

If you're replacing the bearing anyway, maybe you could use a chisel or punch to break the clip in half, and the 2 pieces should fall right out.

Good luck!
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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