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Steering Stem bearing clip

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What's like a previous owner replaced the steering stem bearing and used a circlip with no ears for circlip pliers.

Pretty sure it's frozen up in there with rust too.

Half submerged as much of it in PB blaster as I can to let it sit while I'm at work. Anyone have any tricks on getting this style of circlip out?

I've tried getting a flat head screw driver under the angled end and I have made no progress


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After looking at another old bent frame I had to get the circlip off of it to use, I found this circlip doesnt have ears, just holes.

On the one pictured above, the holes were completely full of hardened crap.

Drilled out the holes to get the crud out, stuck a small punch in the hole, and pried it out.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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