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Stearing seems stiffer

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[/B]Replaced both front wheel bearings on my 08 Foreman 4x4, and now the steering seems stiffer. Is this normal or could I have over tightened the balljoints, and tierod? Thanks for reading....[/B]
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Are your CV joints binding up?
I don't believe they are. Is there a way to tell?
There should be a bit of play in them, Nothing loose, but a bit of movement end to end for the travel of the suspension..

I was just wondering if you lost your end play.. That would make it steer hard..


Keep us updated on your findings..
It is possible the tie rods are too tight, especially if the bushings are shot. I'm not 100% familiar with that machine but a lot of the models need the tie rod nut run up pretty snug then a cotter pin through the castle nut & tie rod to keep it from backing off?
The service manual calls for the Tierods to be torqued to 40lbs.

My old bearings were just junked, maybe I got use to the slop, I don't know its so weird..
If you torqued them down to specs, you should be good. 40lbs isn't that much. If it has been ridden a lot, you would have a little slop. New bearings and re-torque of front end should have tightened things up. If it's just a little tighter, that's good. If it's flat out hard to turn, there may be an issue.
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