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Best readings I can get at the battery is 13 volts half throttle. Turn on the headlights and it drops to 11.6. The RR is new.
Honda says there should be no continuity between the yellow stator wires and ground, but I do get an Ohm reading there. I am doing this test with the battery hooked up but I'm wondering if it should be disconnected for this test. The service manual does not specify.
When checking resistance of the stator windings the stator must by unplugged from the harness. If you are seeing continuity between the yellows and ground then ya probably got a stator problem and it will need to be replaced. Before you buy a stator make sure that those yellows are not bare or pinched by the case and shorting out.

Let us know what fixes it..?
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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