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Starting the engine first time in a year

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'11 Grizz 700 here. Since I've got some warm weather these next couple days I've decided to start the bike after about a year of just sitting. Took out the plug and sprayed a good amount of fogging oil on top of the piston to help lubricate things. After about a minute of letting it soak I stuck my air line tubing in to suck out the excess, but it seems like I didn't get nearly as much in return. Repositioned the tube enough so that everything that was gonna come out pretty much did. I'll probably shoot some compressed air down the plug hole before doing the start just to make sure it's all out, as well as cranking it for a second before putting the plug back in.

How long would it take for a bit of standing fogging oil to seep past the piston rings, and where would it go? I guess into the engine oil? The oil was fairly new the last time it was started but I'm sure it could stand to be changed after sitting for so long. If much of this fogging oil got into the engine oil should I do the change before the startup?
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Hay Bradley:

Fogging oil is a good idea... 'after pulling an F150' out of a flooded creek,,, well...

1. we drained all fluids
2, pulled and cleaned crankcase cover
3. pulled the plugs.. injected pure diesel in all cylinders...filled them up...
4. pulled fan and 'washed' timing chain with old oil from tractor..replaced it..
5. drained, flushed radiator and channels in engine
6. let things sit a few days while we pulled, steamed gas tank, fuel lines, drained ash trays and glove box of water and mud.....(you get the picture?)

When we 'rolled the engine'... filled crank case with more OLD tractor oil...OVER FILLED IT...then...we put it in 3rd gear and just pulled it down the road a mile or so... no electrical.....carb off was 'soaking' in Barrymon solution... Got her back to the shop.. again,,, drained crank case...'flushed' with 10 more gallons of 'old' oil from my tractor...let all drain out over night... put plugs in... filled with new, fresh spec oil.. put on carb...fuel lines.. steamed out gas tank... AGAIN...put in 3rd gear..with fresh gas,,and oil as said above...NO electrical.. and pulled her two miles or so... THEN...added new plugs and wires... put in battery...crossed our fingers,,( starter,,mud creek didn't help it at all)... BUT WE CHICKENED OUT!! YELLOW BACK CHICKENS!!! We didn't use the starter... we hooked her up..towed it about 1/4 mile in neutral and slowly let out the manual clutch in 2nd gear...then...then..turned the key to ON.. Quess... WHAT...she fired up and started to run.. quickly put in neutral and pulled back to shop while running... (we also drained and flushed the tranny and differential)


Suggest you change all fluids..

And does your Honda have a PULL START?.. My 02 Foreman has one. Suggest, if yours does.. give it a few hanks before using the starter... 'see what comes out' of the plug port.. this before installing plugs...I didn't read what "FOGGING OIL" you used.. my 'boys' in the banks say DIESEL for 'water flooded' engines is what they use...and this being good,,,must be removed before running the engine... and if you used DIESEL in the cylinders to lube the .you must...MUST change crankcase/gearbox lubes before running that engine...

And 02 sat up for 3 years in a cargo box while I was in Africa. When I got back to it...I changed oils, gas, carb and pulled plug...two squirts of WD-40..gave a few yanks on the rope starter...replaced plug.. new battery.. turned her on... CHOKE ON... SHE CRANKED RIGHT UP!!

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