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starting problems!! driving me crazy

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im having starting problems. i have a new batt, solenoid, starter, my neutral safety wire broke but i also replaced it and still no start. i turn the key on, the neutral light comes on, i push the start button, solenoid clicks once, and the starter spins but nothing happens. i believe im not engaging the bendix or fly or something......any input??
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Your one-way bearing is bad in your starter gear. It is located in the big starter gear on the back of your flywheel. You will have to pull your flywheel and the big starter gear just pulls out of the one-way bearing. Then just unbolt the one-way bearing from the back of the flywheel and replace. There's no need to remove the starter.
the starter is new and good. if it ends up being a bendix or the any idea how much that is to replace? and is gunna be alot of work? not that im lazy or dont want to do it, i just dont want to get in over my head and tear my machine up even more ya know
The 400EX don't have a bendix. They use a one-way bearing. The one-way bearing bolts onto the back of the flywheel and the hub of the big starter gear fits into it. It has to be the one-way bearing unless you would have some teeth broke off one of the gears, but I doubt it.

It's #5 in the diagram below. Honda calls it a clutch, but it's actually a one-way sprag bearing. It allows the big starter gear to only turn free in one direction and it will catch in the other direction. When the bearing goes bad, it will turn free in both directions and that's why the starter won't turn the engine over. #5 in the diagram below.

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I forgot to add that it's $84.38 plus tax at my local Honda dealer. You might be able to find it cheaper somewhere else.
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