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I recently bought an old TRX 350 from 1989.
It looks good, and works fine, ...if it starts..
It happens some times that it take very long time to start. I do not know what is wrong, and I do not think it smells gasoline.
Could it be the filter or fuelpump? How can I check the fuel pump? Can I hear it or feel vibrations from it when it works?
And some other questions: Then is the fan supposed to start? Should it run always or only if the engine gets very warm? And the red oil temp warning lamp, should that lamp flash when you turn the key on? My red lamp never lights.

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you need to down load the service manual. everything your asking here has been covered at one point of time on the forums here. search button works wonders ! :). fan wont come on until it gets very, VERY HOT !. unless the fan control unit is bad ?, or oil temp sensor switch is bad ?. fuel pump '' ticks '' if it works and the fuel pump replay is good ?. most times a dirty carb ?, bad fuel pump ?, bad fuel pump cut-off relay is your problem. those have metal gas tanks, with it being a '89 ?, chances are..the tank is rusted bad ?.
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