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As I am new here, and if this post is not placed right, then disregard.
With respect to 2005 Honda Rancher 350 and it starting issue.
I have changed the solenoid, the battery, the starter and the problem still exist, where it will start, but only sometimes, other times the starter acts like it just sits their and spins. And not to be disrespectful to Honda but I am at a loss to understand what in world is going on. What crosses my mind is the cost of a starter. Where their cost varies from $ 105.00 down to 34.00 dollars. My question is does the cost of a starter make all that much difference in the function of the unit itself? Because I am thinking that these run of the mill knock off starters are not worth their weight in what they are made of. Any suggestions?

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Are you certain this is not a "one way" bearing problem in the clutch system?

You might look deeper into your problem. You can also rebuild your original Honda starter but I'd look at the one way bearing.


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