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starting issue

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My '99 fourtrax 300 will not start without using the kick start. when i press the start button I just hear a click. The click is coming from the starter switch that's mounted beside the battery. would replacing this switch do the trick or is there something else i should try first? Thanks for the help.
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A battery will almost always read good when tested unless one of the cells is shorted, even if the battery is bad. You need to put the battery under load to test it.
Turn all the lights on or try to start it and check the voltage.

If it doesn't turn fast enough to start from the battery but does when jumped from your car, then it's your battery.

If you're sure it's fully charged and still won't start the machine, then just replace it.
Drive it for 8 hours :)

Or, use a regular charger set on low setting. I don't think it would really do any harm.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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