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I picked up a kit yesterday to do a quick rebuild of my starter and when I took it apart first I noticed it making a notice when I shook it. Turns out when I tore it down that the small black plastic part attached with the red arrow was in a few pieces. The new kit did not come with one and I wonder what this is. Do I need it and if so what would it be called when I ask for the part if there is one to order.

My second question is, do you think this plastic part being broken and lose in the starter do you think it would prevent the start from turning over sometimes? Reason I bought the kit was because it was 50/50 if it would start electronically or if I had to pull start it.

When I took it apart the brushes look to still have life to them but I'm no pro on this. Do the old ones look like they're still good? Should I just use the new kit or keep the new kit aside for down the road?

In all of my images I forgot to include the broken plastic parts but you can see where it broke off.

Thank you

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That plastic piece is an insulator that keeps the power going to the starter brushes instead of creating a dead short on the starter case.

Your new brush kit should have had replacement. If not, I'd send it back.

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