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Starter solenoid/relay/switch help!

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How do I have the WORST luck with these? Can someone please explain what I am doing wrong? Every one of these are allowing the starter to continuously turn over as soon as I hook up the battery. There is no way all of these I have tried are all sticking so please explain how this is happening? It is driving me nuts!!!

Freshly charged new battery. 2 of these are brand new OEM Honda solenoids.

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I've never had this happen, but........ Sounds like the starter button is sticking , pardon my ignorance , what model honda is this going on with ?
Was there any noticeable harness damage from the wreck ? Cause from the pics it looks good IMO

Edit: from what i see looks good
Good deal! N thanks for the update not stupidity at all , more of a simple mistake :)
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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