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Starter solenoid/relay/switch help!

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How do I have the WORST luck with these? Can someone please explain what I am doing wrong? Every one of these are allowing the starter to continuously turn over as soon as I hook up the battery. There is no way all of these I have tried are all sticking so please explain how this is happening? It is driving me nuts!!!

Freshly charged new battery. 2 of these are brand new OEM Honda solenoids.

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Can you attach a drawing that shows all of the wires that you have connected to the starter relay? Indicate on the drawing where each wire goes to.
The drawing will be helpful. In the meanwhile, here is something to try that will positively reveal whether or not the relay is sticking internally. There are two small wires coming out of the relay, right? Those two wires go to a connector where they are connected with chassis wiring. Open that connector. Now install the big wire that goes from the relay to the starter, and finally install the big wire that goes from the relay to the battery. If the starter turns over as soon as you make the connection on the battery, then the relay is sticking internally. If it doesn't turn over, then that leads me to believe that your problem lies with the relay coil supply wire (one of the two small wires mentioned earlier, but not the green one). It is probably live even though it shouldn't be until you press the start button.
Here are some more pics if you guys see something obvious I have wrong.

Polarity on the solenoid/relay does NOT matter, right? I have tried it both ways and didn't change anything anyhow.
Polarity on the two big wires that go to the starter and battery does not matter. Polarity on the two small wires does matter. The green wire should connect with the green wire, and the other wire should connect with the non-green wire.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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