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Starter is Dead

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Hello all, new member here. I found this site researching the starter problem. Lots of good info here.

Anyway, I have a 94 TRX300 with a dead starter. I did all the normal electrical checks. The starter is getting power and the battery is good. I did a load test on battery and got 11V during the test. I did a direct feed to the starter and got nothing.

Today, I removed the reduction gear cover. The C gear and shaft came out with the cover. The A B gear also slid out. Are these gears timed in any way? Is there any specific way for reinstallation?

Looking at the starter itself, it looks like this starter is not like a Bendix starter. The starter drive gear does not retract. Is this how this starter works? Does the starter gear stay engaged to the AB gear? If yes, does this starter continuously turn with engine running? Not sure I understand how starter engages and disengages.

Finally, what repair options do I have. Is there a rebuild kit, take to a shop, replace with new? Thanks for any info or advice.
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Thanks for the info. I got the starter out and checked it with my charger but it is stone dead. Tomorrow I will call around and see if I can get a rebuild kit for it.
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