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Standard battery or Gel for Summer/Winter riding?

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My battery is shot and going to pickup a new battery but wondering if theres any issues with a Gel battery for a replacement? I bought two new Gel batteries for our motorcycles a couple years ago and they're great so thinking to buy the same brand for the 06 Rubicon 500. Just wondering if there are any downsides if I have the proper size Gel battery over a regular/OEM type battery?

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AGM batteries are the '' go-to '' battery these days !. for one : they don't spill acid, second : they seem to last longer than acid batteries ?..THATS IF YOU KEEP A BATTERY TENDER ON THEM ?!. I just replaced my battery in my '89 trx350D foreman the other day, I had a AGM battery ( ever start ) from wally world, paid about 70 bucks when I bought it, it lasted a good 10 years, soooo..i got my money's worth to say the least. I replaced it with a oem battery from my local dealership, it too is like a glass mat battery, will never spill. oh, AGM = ALL GLASS MAT in case your wondering ? :).

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