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1986 Fourtrax TRX200SX.

So, I am fixing up this quad, and there is an 11 tooth front and 42 tooth rear sprocket. The chain that came off has 79, I don't know. Maybe I miscounted. Anyway, I put the same kind back on. Measured, removed links to get 78 in my chain. Too short.

So, I bought another chain. This time, I got a DZ2 520 Chain at the parts diagram length of 80 links. It's too long. removing two links will make it one link too short.

The solution is that I put the factory stock 12 tooth back on with a 42 tooth rear, and a 80 link chain. It fits. I have some adjustment available. The chain hangs above the chain guide and does not rub. It looks like it fits properly.

But how in the hell do you put a 11 tooth on? What if I wanted more grunt? The diameter is such that the chain drags on the chain guide, and 78 links is too short, and 80 is too long...I can't adjust either out to fit right with my adjusters. It's not a big deal, but it puzzles me.

WHat in the world is up with that? Is this quad just built such that putting different sprockets on is just not possible?
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