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Sporttrax top end!!!!!

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i am thinking of buying a 2001 sporttrax 250 that has a blown top end. I know it needs to be bored and a new piston, but i was wondering if i would have to rebuild the valves. I also want to know what would cause a 4 stroke top end to go out.. Thanks for any responces
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agreed ^^^^^^..if your gonna tear it it once..and do it right..go over all of the top for why it died to begin with..could be anything..lack of oil from the oil pump going out ? it too hot ?..ran it with little or no oil ? many things can ruin a motor...check your valves for being bent.
are the clylinders electroplated or can you bore them out?
they are not like yamaha jet ski's cylinders..they are not can have them bored out.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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