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Splash guards on Honda 300

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Can you put splash guards for a trx fourman 400 on a Honda 300 will they fit
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I got 450s and 300s , never did even think about trying to swop them around , I doubt it would work , but with cutting and drilling new holes maybe it could be stuck on there ------ but new mud splash guards are still available and $15 , so why even ask that question , if you can get some 300 guards free then give it a try , if you got to buy them , then just buy the right ones
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Well I would buy a set of 400 flares , when they come in try them for fit on the 300 ----- I hae a set of 1st gen 300s laying on top my 300 , when I go outside , I will stick them up against a 450 and take a pic ,the 400 and 450 use the same flares
Here are a few pics for you , the smooth flares are 300 1st gen , the humped ones are 2000 450 ( same as 400 ) , the line up fairly good except for the rear where they are much different ------ it could be Road Warrior'ed


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Keep your eye out and some flares will find you -------- those 300 smooth flares , that are no longer available from Honda , in the pic above I got on a $100 parts bike
93 should be smooth flares , no longer available , they do look better to me , find you some used one , there was a set on facebook last week and they were cheap for what they are , hard to get good ones
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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