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Speedometer/Odometer not working!!

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Hey everybody im new to the forum. I have a 2001 Honda Rancher 350TE esp. My speedometer/odometer/trip is not working. It just registers 0 mph on the display and mileage doesnt add up. The hour meter works though. Can please help me out? Thanks
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Welcome to the forums. Just a guess, but maybe your speed sensor is bad. I noticed that you had another post about shifting problems. Since the ES system needs input from the speed sensor to shift properly, maybe the speed sensor is responsible for both problems. Since the 2001 model doesn't store trouble codes, the only sure way to find the problem is to check each component. A service manual will show you how to check each component.
Here's the link to a 2000-2003 Rancher 350 service manual.
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