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Working on a trx250x ('92 I believe) and am just getting started. So naturally, we start by cleaning the carb and checking spark! Wooo!:D

I normally work on two strokes or heavy equipment (diesel) so, I don't know a crap ton about 4 stroke small engines.

Anyway, I pulled the old plug and it was crap, so I bought a new one! (By the way ace hardware deep well 18mm -ace brand- socket will reach the spark plug. No one eles's would fit past the head for me(orielly, advanced, etc...) hope this saves someone time in the future.)

So, with new sparky in hand I did the spark test (against case) and man was it hard to see. It wasn't fat and juicy like my 2 stroke sparks. My question is... is this normal? Shouldn't it be fat and robust?

Also, the spark I bought is a DR8ES-L. Is the proper plug?

Thanks in advance!
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