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Spark Issues

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I have a 96 honda 300 fourtrax. I have been reading this forum to find help with my problem. I find lots of posts that say "no spark" but I am getting a spark, sort of. It just seems to me the spark is "weak" and kinda jumps around.

One day it was running fine and I shut it off. When I tried to restart it wouldn't start. I checked the plug to see if it was getting a spark, and the spark seemed weak to me. I put in new plug and it firied right up as soon has I hit the button. It ran fine for three days and now same thing, (exept now the start button wont work I have to jump the solinoid next to the battery to get it to crank). While it cranks I can barely see a spark.

Question is where to start? Are these two seperate problem?

Does anyone know of a good online schematic or repair manual?
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Thanks for Replies

Saber6: The plug looks like the one top center In the spark plug color chart.

Thanks for all replies.

TRX2fiveO: I am trying to get a manual ordered. I probably should have done that before I posted anything here. I have found a few pages of electrical system trouble shooting someone posted on another forum. Looks like it came out of the manual I need. It has a diagram of all electrical component and values for testing, so I can probably start with that. I was just trying to get a "hey, you should probably check this or that first"

1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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