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Some Guidance...

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New to this forum...appreciate any help & guidance...
I have a Honda 2001 Foreman Rubicon that started leaking fuel. I turned the fuel control off and it stopped. Couple days later turned the valve back on and took the machine out. Returned and turned machine off and no leak. Next time out...the leak was there. So, what's going on and what do I need to do?
Also, when I put the machine in gear...its seems the break is on...but it isn't...i take it out of gear...put it back in and I get a "knuck" and it moves out. Again...what's going on and what should I do?
Many thanks...
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the float needle may not be seating, all the time. i cant be sure if it was using ethanol gas, but, i had just a slight build up, at the needle seat, i had to use a magnifying glass to see it, and it caused seating problems for me.
if there is debree there, be careful how you clean it out of you could ruin the float bowl and have to buy a new OEM carb. though ya could buy a used OEM carb an rebuild it..
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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