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so y do we adjust stuff on new atvs?

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are all new machines required to be adjusted after the 100 miles brake in period? on my first rancher never did anything and it still runs fine?, although friend picked up a rancher with like 65 miles on it and the engine sounds like it makes a clicking noise sometimes when your rolling and press the throttle lightly? is this adjustment, I think its shitty oil and gas with stabilizer is not helping either? HELP LOL :hail: thanks
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thanks for the info/ mine seem to make a clicking noise on our our new quad it has 65 miles and 26hours, the oil is clean can it be old? also there is stabilizer in the gas so I wonder if that could be it?
nah..i doubt the stabilizer will cause the ticking/tapping sound..more than's your valves that need adjusting..real simple to do.
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