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So where's the difference in gearing 250SX/Fourtrax 250

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I know that there's a difference in gearing between the 3-wheeler 250SX and my Fourtrax 250, but where is it? In the trans or is it the rear end ratio?

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I would guess they are the same as far as bore and stroke the tranny on the 250SX is manual I believe and kickstart doesn't the fourteax 250 have electric start too? or is it a 250X?
Nope same exact motors auto 5spd's w/electric start. Same as the Big Red 250ES as well...

250X is a totally different motor config.
If they are the same moter there proble the same gearing
That's just it. Is the difference in the trans or the rear end ratio?
Just FYI its the same motor configuration as what's used in the Fourtrax 300's also....
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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