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I was at the point of tearing it down and selling it for parts the other day,i slept on it and the mail man came today and what do you know.

So now it is done other then my front tires,400ex shocks and coating.

Here is some dark pictures but I am happy with it.

Let me know also what I can do with the 250r swing arm using my 300ex carrier and gforce axle?

Also want to know what is a good jet for the white brothers exhaust,where to start?

Here ya go,let me know what ya think.

Build list

stock 300ex motor for awhile.
Aluminum case saver
white brother exhaust and silencer
450r a arms
g force axle
rad anti fade(finally)
AC stadium bumper
Moose bars
Tag grips
Tusk hand guards
itp track locks with mx6r's rear
itp mx6r's with stock rims front(tires on the way)
Trail wheels and tires
Dunlop 20x10x9 rear and 21x7x10 front on stock 400ex rims
prm grab bar
400ex shocks(on the way)
jb racing shock mount (waiting on shocks)
Clarke tank
Maier plastics
Jardine nerf bars
LSR bearing carrier
Burgard 450r + 2 a arms (waiting on them to show)
Junk fox shocks that will never work(bent shafts on 2)

I think that covers it,again I did not get to the chain today,painting a room for the wife held me up but tomorrow should have the time to take it for a ride after I bleed the front brakes.


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Again any info on the swing arm and jetting would be great.

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Thanks man.

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Looks great man.Is all else stock internally?Just a full white brothers exhaust.What about air box and filer?If it's a stocker a 40 pilot and a 125 main or 130 main.
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