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Researching plows for quite a while now for my 2004 450FE, I found a few different makes but all the ones I have seen have a universal mid mount. None had oem mounting type of mount.
I settled on a Warn 54" standard straight blade plow kit that has an oem quality mount and looks like it will fit the 04 pretty good. I really wanted a well built center plow mount and hopefully the Warn has one. Got it from Rocky Mountain ATV.
These 04 450 ES's are getting tougher to find stuff to fit.
Wondering if there is a cross reference list of other bodys/years and parts that fit the 450S, ES, etc...

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There are certain parts from newer and older Honda ATV's that are interchangeable with the 450s/es but not all.
There is no list for interchangeable parts as such but it's relatively easy to find out what is and what isn't interchangeable.
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