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first off, have you seen the prices of these things??
save a little more and buy a machine with a front end loader LOL
better investment!
BUT if your set on adding a blower to an ATV< expect this, a LOT of weight and VERY slow goings, and dishing out again a nice chunk of change, and you will be running two motors!, Idling for a LONG amounts of time on a motor is NOT the best thing to do with them
I have seen folks with them, but I honestly don't think its a nod worth doing
buy a BIG walk behind if you dead set on a blower, cheaper and less wear and tear on your atv across the board
or again, back to my first suggestion, buy a nice older used front end loader, , I guarantee you will find more uses for it all yr than you think you will once you have it LOL
where that blower will sit more than its used in MOST places, as snow season isn't that long most places, even in normal snow belt area's its NOT there as often last few yrs!

another tip on plowing with your ATV< is don;t wait till its too deep, push back farther than needed to leave room, and add weight to the atv to help it PUSH better!

17+ yrs plowing with my atv and only 3 storms I couldn;t plow with it, and I Normally get a LOT of snow on average
Got a skid steer now, too LOL
but still use atv to plow at times! LOL
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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