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I've got a 2000 Rubicon 500 and winter's coming. I use it for work doing land surveying. Terrain is woods, fields, some swamp, and some roads, both gravel and paved.

We all know that the Eskimos have 200 words for snow, and it does come in all kinds, from light and deep to packed and deep to crusted. In Wisconsin, snow doesn't get much deeper than 2 feet, and often more like a foot.

I've had stock tires for too long, and I'd like to change to better tires and rims. I would be willing to run two sets of tires for different seasonal conditions if I had to, but I've had more traction problems in snow than in summer conditions. Swamps are the worst in summer, and since I work with the bike, I generally avoid getting stuck, unlike if I were having fun with it. Bottom line: I think my choice of snow tire is more critical, and if I can use the snow tire in the summer that would be OK. Otherwise I could change them from season to season.

This bike is a heavy machine, with different sizes on front and rear.

1: Do I have to stick with the two sizes?

2: I'm OK with getting rims. What tire/rim size would give me a better configuration?

3: What tires would be best in snow for this heavy machine?

I don't necessarily need ultra tires, but I do need good ones. In some situations, I suppose farmers might object if I ran, say, Mudzillas across their fields or through their woods.

Thanks for your help!
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