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I have a 2013 honda rancher trx420fm, it has snorkel, radiator relocated, 4x4, 26" tires on factory rims. It recently had the primary greduced gear removed to stock as with the clutch basket.
So I recently changed the gear reduction back to stock, then soon after i rebuild the front, got it running i realized the main clutch bearing is bad and as well it smoked now after reassembly. It has never smoked before until i removed and installed the front crank case It has a light oil smell with a pure white smoke cloud. It is not much smoke like a head gasket would be. Just very faint from the exhaust. I opened the dip stick and smoke had come from the front crank case as well. I think its the bearing heating up from being worn out. (My guess lol) How can the smoke go from the front case to the exhaust. Did I maybe miss a oil passage restriction plug on the block? I am replacing the clutch bearing this week, is there anything i should look out for. I also changed the oil and oil filter, i replaced the filter and put ot back in the same way the old one came out.
In need of some good help or brain storms!

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By main clutch bearing do you mean the one way bearing on the clutch?

Did you remove or mess with the top end at all? White smoke is water/coolant.

And a bad one way won't cause any smoke, they just make a lot of racket and you lose your engine braking.
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