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Purchased a 96 Fourtrax 300 the other day to use as a parts for my 88 since my timing chain but the dust on it. The guy who had it parked it in a barn for the past few years because he couldn’t get it back in neutral To start it up. Got to working on it this evening and bypassed the nuetral safety, swapped carbs and gas tank from my 88 and she started on the second turnover! Here’s the crazy part, it shift through all gears fine and will go easy as pie into reverse, it just skips neutral both ways. I figure it’s an internal issue and I’m not wanting to tear into this motor and will just ride it as it is, just wanted to see if anyone has any input on what it might be. It will go straight from reverse to 1st no matter how easy I try to pull up the shift lever. When going down gears, first is the last gear it will hit.
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