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Side Cover Help!

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we are ready to put the side cover back on can not figure out how to get it on with the shift lever and the triangle with 3 balls and the spring, how do you hold it all together and keep it lined up?
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It's a lot easier if you lay the 4-wheeler over on it's side. Don't forget to time the clutch lever. There's a punch mark on it that you line of with the an arrow or mark on the crankcase.
With the 4-wheeler on it's side, just put all the parts where they go and they should stay there while you put the cover on. Just try not to shake it too much. All the parts should look like this:

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That's great, glad everything worked out.
Anyway is there a "break in" on new clutch plates or should I just carry on business as usual?
No break in period. You should be good to go.
GREAT! next weekend I'm planning to take the drag harrow down and drag my friends yard so he can plant grass.. didn't know if I needed to spend the week breaking it in or not.
You should be fine. Did you set the clutch free play when you put it back together?
You should be fine then.
1 - 6 of 12 Posts
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