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Side Cover Help!

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we are ready to put the side cover back on can not figure out how to get it on with the shift lever and the triangle with 3 balls and the spring, how do you hold it all together and keep it lined up?
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Thanks Helmut, just as I posted it my uncle got it on and its back to life! I must say.. the heavy duty springs in the change clutch gave it quite a firm feel in the shifter not sure my wife will be able to shift it barefoot anymore. LOL Took it for a test run down the street (my uncle lives in town) and it shifted real firm everything worked fine.. Let it warm up a bit while we cleaned up the shop some and then took it down the streat again. This time I pinned it through the gears. The front end came way up when it hit seccond and it hopped a little through third and fourth. Kinda startled me at first wasn't really expecting that. The timing chain was streched quite a bit and with a new one the rattle I was hearing is gone. Now all I hear is a little bit of piston slap which is going to have to wait till another time. In the end everything went GREAT and the end result is even greater! Thanks again to everyone on this board for all the help and support!
Thanks I'm glad too because it seems everytime I take something in to my uncles to work on it becomes a huge PITA LOL Just my luck I guess. Anyway is there a "break in" on new clutch plates or should I just carry on business as usual?
GREAT! next weekend I'm planning to take the drag harrow down and drag my friends yard so he can plant grass.. didn't know if I needed to spend the week breaking it in or not.
Yes sir we sure did. Funny you mention that because at first we snugged the bolts on the cover and then tried the shifter and there was very little resistance on it, then we remembered AH! the adjuster is backed all the way out. Adjusted it like you're supposed to and walah! it worked like a champ!
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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