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i wanted to change the look of my wheeler... gonna powdercoat the racks and radiator relocator but should i wrap or paint the plastics. i am a professional painter so i know how to get the job done but ive heard paint rarely holds up no matter what. what yall think??

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both a wrap or paint will get damaged as the machine gets used, scratched and such from driving thru the woods, boots, things tossed on racks and stones and such!
so, either one when done right, will IMO last about the same
I let my niece and nephew (like 5-7 yrs old), rattle can paint mine, I didn't care HOW it looked,. they used flat black wally world .99 cent a can paint
didn't wash , prep or anything to plastic, and it stuck like glue >
as it comes off from wear and tear, being washed or??? I re touch up , again, rattle and spray, little to NO prep work, been this way now about 10+ yrs, I wouldn;t call it pretty, but I am not trying to have a pretty ATV , it works well for me, back when I did a lot of property managing and needed to park it and chase trespassers, as it was a lot harder to see being all flat black, over the honda Red it was!
I did do a much better job on re doing the frame and racks, with POR 15, about 12+ yrs back now I think, and there still holding up very very well, I DO know,
if you get this stuff(POR-15) on your plastic, its about possible to get off, minus using a wire wheel. SO, I would think, since this stuff, needs to be top coated with what ever PAINT you want/color.
I would think it would make for one heck of a great base coat, that once it cures, its about as hard as powder coating is,I DON"T Know if it would flex at all if a fender got bent or the likes, but I am sure it wouldn;'t scratch off from twigs and boots! its a LONG lasting coating, can hit it with a hammer and it doesn't seem to damage it LOL

be a lot of work to do it right, removing all plastic's and al, but sure to some its not that bad to get the end result they want<
BUT< if for some reason you didn;t like it, you'd be needing NEW plastic's to get back to OEM

me , My atv is a tool, having it look pretty went out the window after the first few yrs, after that, its just about doing PM"s and making it run /last as long as I can!

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Nothing is going to hold up well if you ride in the bush. Hell even the factory Honda camo doesn't hold up well.

There are different grades of wrap, but they will all get scratched and torn over time unless you have a ridden only machine.

Paint will get scratched up over time no matter now much prep you put into it, how much flex additive you put in, or what kind of paint you use.

If you drive a painted truck through the woods, the paint will get trashed. Same thing is going to happen on an ATV, and you have the added problem of flexible plastic and paint adhering to it.

Find a factory color that you like and buy new plastics. Save yourself a a lot of work and expense for an end result that won't look good very long.
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