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I used to buy a lot from Bike Bandit.... never again. It now takes forever to have the order shipped and shipping is not cheap. I have no suggestions other than that one. I know Amazon dot com sells a lot of ATV and other stuff and I get Free two day shipping with Prime.

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like anything today, you need to price check and then also look at the seller, places that been around a long time tend to have safer better shipping set up, but honestly poor shipping can happen with any vender, as once it leaves there place there at the mercy of who ever took iot from them
I have had packages get mixed up and delayed from all the big shipping company's(UPS, USPS< Fed X )
so, I would blame a company if it wasn';t there fault
and what shipping company is BEST in one area doesn't mean there great in another
prime example of this will be I used to be a USP shipping center when I had my shop, I had awesome service from my area branch, never lost or delayed a package in 10 yrs I was a shipping center for them!

I now live/spend most of my time about 100 miles away from there, and UPS SUCKS here, , I have NEVER had a single packaged I shipped leave on time or get to where it was going on time?

and I am sure its like this all over, great here, sucks there, yet all same company,
workers ,matter
very good employee's are hard to find anymore!
too many folks don't give a crap about there job or any pride in the work they do, all they want is a pay check, and screw off all they can in between them!
sad, but ??

as for buying , I have had good luck on E bay(just again watch the sellers you deal with)

dennis kirk ,
shadetree power sports, ,

and many others like this that have been around a LONG time!
but NO one company IMO always has the best price on part or shipping, so again, you do have to shop about if your looking for best deals , if money doesn't matter then?? the two above work well for me for 20+ yrs now!

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I order from either rockymountain atv/mc. Or i order off ebay. 99.9% of the time rockymountain can have me any part i need aftermarket or oem in a few days at most. There site is very easy to navigate on my phone which is a big + as i dont have a desktop or laptop. If you make an account with them you get rocky cash for every purchase. My .02
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