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Another situation I have seemed to run into is, well, my back tires and fronts most likely, are suffering from dry rot etc. They are stock size tires but aluminum rims. that's how I bought it. I replaced the valve on the one back rear but it leaks. I can see the cracks showing up when I inflate it...and the other has a cut valve, so, new/brand old tires for me. (I am looking for the most reasonable way to get her back in shape. I am not concerned about new is best, I too old for that). So, I found some 2016 rancher tires at a great price. A complete set of Maxiss 24x8-12 and 24x10-11 with the caps and lugs. I picked them up yesterday. I'm not a skinny guy 6 ft 270, and I do know that I probably sink a bit when I get on this to ride/use it. When I was taking apart the carb and spraying down the area with simple green/degreaser and such, I noticed that...well, maybe I should get some new shocks too. From reading in here I see a lot of people recommend replacement with a trx300 rear shock for added weight and lift. what I am looking to achieve is a bit of lift for the bigger tires and some extra support until I can fit into my speedo....I see the progressive 512 shock....but there are different part #s. trx300 says it doesn't fit the recon and vs versa. I also see just regular trx300 shocks on eBay. I think the latter is probably my most economical way to go. So I guess I'm looking for a bit of clarification on the shock replacement. thanks for listening Kurt
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