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Setting up a 2018 Foreman for Plowing

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Was wondering if anyone has installed silicon heat pads on these semi-dry sump engines, and what size/wattage? (I’m in Alaska)

Also was planning on putting the Foreman’s stock tires on the 08 Rancher, and buying some good snow-traction tires, any recommendations?
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I would imagine the size and wattage would depend on your anticipated conditions. I would contact the manufacturer of your choice of heating pads and use their thoughts on the subject. I have used a dipstick type heater, and found it less than acceptable, even in the much warmer environment here.

With the amount of snow you can potentially get, shadetree might well be right in his doubt on the usability of a Foreman in Alaska.
Here, we seldom get more than 10-12" at a whack, and I use ITP Mudlites XTR tires for plowing. They do a fair job, but when the snow is more than 10" or thereabouts, even they can get bogged down. Ground clearance is also a consideration, since high-centering can stop you no matter what tire is used. A definite consideration for Alaska.
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