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Setting up a 2018 Foreman for Plowing

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Was wondering if anyone has installed silicon heat pads on these semi-dry sump engines, and what size/wattage? (I’m in Alaska)

Also was planning on putting the Foreman’s stock tires on the 08 Rancher, and buying some good snow-traction tires, any recommendations?
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Yeah just like anywhere, you wait too long to move the snow and the machinery needed grows larger. We get dry snow up here and is easy to push if you stay ahead of it. The oil heating issue is the dry sump doesn’t need as much heat as the oil in the bottom of the case. You will be heating quite a bit of metal to warm the case.
Since the airplane is going into the heated shop for a rebuild, the 4wheeler goes into the unheated shelter. I installed two 100W heat pads on the bottom of the case, along with a 900W Little Buddy heater and a cover. Should only need a few hours of heat in the winter before plowing.
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