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Service manual link is down. Still work for anyone else?

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Hoping this is a glitch on my work computer or a temporary issue, but looks like the site that had the factory service manual downloads is gone.

Anyone know who had it up? I'd gladly help fund another location if it's merely a matter of paying hosting fees.
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You guys are using the old links, check the thread, I transferred all the manuals to my other google drive. Let me know if there are any issues, i keep adding what I find to it. Please link them to the thread and NOT to the direct google drive, keeps this from happening :)
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Thanks Bryan. I have all my models saved to my laptop, but frequently use the link to help others with their machines.

I will start posting the your link here instead of directly posting the drive link.
No problem I always update the main thread when I make changes or change the link
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