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Self revving

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I recently bought a Honda TRX350D FOREMAN 1988 Quad. Got a few problems one being the engine seems to have a mind of its own and will rev up then die down then rev up, mainly when it's out of gear. I've had the carb off & put a new carb kit in, but it's still the same. I sprayed the carb cleaner around the inlet manifold to check for vacuum and it didn't make any difference. It also seems to be running quite hot but there is no fan or oil light indication.
Next problem when I put it in gear it lurches forward or backwards like a mad bull. It is a proper pig to get in and out of gear. Is this just clutch adjustment that needs doing or is it something else?
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Which carb rebuild kit did you use?

The lurching in gear could be a number of things, high tick over, change clutches stuck together or clutches want adjusting.
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