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I have a 93 fourtrex 300 got a new battery and selenoid a couple months back and it has started fine here recently the selenoid has started clicking when you try to start it but if you kick the kick start once it will let it start with the electric start could it be the selenoid going out and sugesto
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First question is.... Where did you buy your solenoid from, eBay, Amazon?? If so then it’s most likely a China cheapy solenoid and has failed on you. You need to buy OEM or known good brand, even a good used item from the likes of PSN (
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Yes it is working after I kickstart it so is it the selenoid

@Goober is right, could be a battery with a cell down however, could be solenoid combined with a bad battery. Charge your battery and try cranking the motor, test the battery before and after, report back with readings.
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