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Seems like my 1999 300 Honda fourtrax isn't getting enough gas

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I have cleaned the carb multiple times even after I got the carb kit for it. It seems to cut out when I hit full throttle. Any suggestions?

Replaced spark plug, checked connections.
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I am pretty sure that it is not getting enough fuel. There is a brass piece in the throat of the carb that the jet needle goes through before it gets to the jet. while watching through the the carb the brass piece rises at full throttle. if i spray gass through the carb it will reach full throttle but does not have enough fuel to stay there. It will idel great but as soon as you give it gas it falls on its face and dies. It runs better with the choke on. I have cleaned the carb several times now. The spark plug is black and dry.
I cleaned it again and let it soak for 24hrs. I put it back together and its doing the same thing. How do you tell if the float is bad? Other than fuel being in it or a hole in it. There are no holes in it and there is no fuel in it.
I have blown out passages and soaked the carb and all passages where clean. I looked at everything possible and nothing I could do would help it get the fuel it needed. I found a cheap new carb on ebay so I just bought it. So I didnt have to take that unit apart again. Thank You for all of your help!
It came stock with a 125 main and I put a new 125 in it. I just decided to replace the carb because I could not figure it out and after messing with it for to long the primer plunger began to leak fuel and I did not want to keep throwing parts at it. I talked to a local honda shop and he said that they have had a few times where they threw all new parts in the same carb and it still did not run correctly. In the long run they put a new carb in it as well. I have never used this site before for help. But from here on out I will use this for help and to maybe help others. I like the quick responces and how everyone helps eachother. Thanks
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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