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Seems like my 1999 300 Honda fourtrax isn't getting enough gas

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I have cleaned the carb multiple times even after I got the carb kit for it. It seems to cut out when I hit full throttle. Any suggestions?

Replaced spark plug, checked connections.
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mine was cutting out at full throttle because it was not getting enough air.

i had a few pair of socks on it, pulled them off and no more cutting off up top. it was flooding out. pull the filter off and see if it helps any.
yea, if you check the plug it will really let you know whats going on.

black would be to rich, white would be lean. your shooting for a brownish color.
black would mean its rich, thus getting more fuel then it needs.
what jets did you have in it??
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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