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Seat hold down

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I have a 2001 Rancher FM. I need any info and/or pics of the top of the seat's hold down screw and/or bolt. It mounts on gas tank area & the seat slides under it to pull the seat close to the frame. Anything you can give me will be appreciated...……………..
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No, It is not the seat itself, but a bolt/screw that holds the top part of the seat against the gas tank. without it the seat front
sits high up off the gas tank area. Thanks
It appears it would be the seat hook screw, I need a picture and/or part number.. Thanks again...
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thanks same here. just cant find any reference to a part number. A picture would be great as I may need to fabricate a replacement.
Could someone just send me a picture of your ranger 350 gas tank with seat removed? as large as possible please...………………..
Thanks for everyone's help. it appears it is a collar & screw combination that slides under the hook on the seat. It is there to hold the gas tank front of seat to the frame/gas tank.

Thanks again
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