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rust converter; snake oil?

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A couple of years ago, I spread ice melt off the back of my rancher. Then I spent a few hours, every day for a few days, plowing 20 something inches off 200 yards of concrete. Then I parked the quad in the garage till the spring clean. Sometime that summer, I noticed a brown crust on the rear diff and axle housing. Oooops!

So now I'm ready to deal with it. I have a wet blaster to try out and a hand held sandblaster if it just sucks. I have wire brushes and flapper wheels and I will remove all traces of rotting metal, but then? Then comes the refinishing.

Anyone ever have anything resembling success with anything resembling this product?

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POR15 is good stuff. I painted my battery racks in my golf carts with it. Normally the batteries eat the racks about every 10 years, so I tried the POR15 and the stuff is hard as a rock. I believe it actually adheres better if there is some rust.

Anyone here have a galvanizing tank close by? I know some Jeep guys have their frames dipped. Same issues we have here with the frames rusting from the inside out, especially up north.
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