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rust converter; snake oil?

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A couple of years ago, I spread ice melt off the back of my rancher. Then I spent a few hours, every day for a few days, plowing 20 something inches off 200 yards of concrete. Then I parked the quad in the garage till the spring clean. Sometime that summer, I noticed a brown crust on the rear diff and axle housing. Oooops!

So now I'm ready to deal with it. I have a wet blaster to try out and a hand held sandblaster if it just sucks. I have wire brushes and flapper wheels and I will remove all traces of rotting metal, but then? Then comes the refinishing.

Anyone ever have anything resembling success with anything resembling this product?

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I have enough POR to do this repair. A friend gave it to me for a different project 5 or 6 years back. I did a more labor intensive repair with a sandblast cabinet and a paint gun instead of slathering on some miracle concoction.

I'm feeling a bit more adventurous and may give it a try on the rancher. I'd love to hear that I din't have to do any more prep than a power wash to the afflicted area, but I don't really think I would believe my ears if I did.

Are you saying you just painted over the rust with POR15?

I wonder if my containers shelf life has expired?
the video don't work for me , says unavailable .

me too. DOn't know why embedding or url is bugging on the forum.

Type https just before colon then copy and paste this address in your browser. ://
Thanks for that testimonial, mrbb. I appreciate the amount of time and effort that went into it. I'm going to give POR15 a try because of your enthusiasm.
I think I'll start a new thread and document the process as I work through it. If I do, I'll post a link in this one for future rust fighters to follow. And I'll link back to this one. Your shared experience should help anyone else dealing with metal decay choose his direction to correction.
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